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Susan Pardo Finishes In Top Three for Frederick County Teacher of the Year

by Ana Taylor

Every year one teacher is nominated from every school in Frederick County to have a chance to win “Teacher of the Year” award; this year, 2015, Susan Pardo was nominated from Walkersville High School.

Susan Pardo, or Mrs. Pardo, how her students know her, is a Physical Education teacher/health teacher. She teaches from health class which is usually taken in your freshman year to aquatics. Everyone student in Walkersville High knows her for her great personality, outstanding teaching, and she is an inspiration to all.

Pardo was flattered when she found out she was in the final three, “I was nominated by Mrs. Franklin and the administration. It’s very exciting and humbling but there is no greater joy for a teacher to see what they teach come to a vision and see students become members of their society and community. I get to see my students perform in real time and see them make decisions that can save lives. My job is easy because of my students.”

Pardo began a process when she was nominated for the final three, “a whale process,” she said. Phone interviews, essays, and preparation of presentations have been interfering with her schedule since she found out that she was a part of the final three but that doesn’t stop her from being a part of her community.

Pardo teaches her kids what she was taught, to always be prepared. Pardo is a big part of her community, being on call for emergencies at all times is one of them, but she is also a mother figure to all of her students. Walkersville High students know that if that they need any kind of help, just call up “Mama Pardo.”

“She’s a really good teacher, funny, nice, and she taught me how to be a lifeguard very well. Whenever I mess up she always encourages me to do better. I think she will win because she’s overall a great teacher and a good person to be around,” says sophomore Brooke Tucker, who took lifeguarding last semester with Pardo.

“She is the greatest teacher in the world. She knows how to teach and talk to kids unlike some teachers. I had her for sports med and she taught me to see outside the box. She taught me ways to treat injuries as well as CPR and First Aid. She taught me that I can save a life and how to save a life. She is ‘bae’.” implies senior Tyler Suenkel, who took Sports Medicine with Pardo.

Even students who didn’t have Pardo as a teacher knows her for her great abilities and her inspiring words of encouragement.

“I honestly think she will win because she has a lot of background with students and not only in the classroom but in the training room. Everyday she wraps my ankle and wraps it the right way every time unlike other people. During the Talley Zimmerman meet she wrapped my ankle when it was injured and it allowed me to break the 4×2 record. Overall, she is a really encouraging person and pushes you to do your best,” said sophomore Autumn Parson, a member of the track team but has never had Pardo as a teacher.

“My sister said she is one of her most favorite teachers and taught her a lot. She taught her how to be a lifeguard and how to save a life. She made me want to take sports med next year,” says freshman Kathleen Duffy.

On Monday, May 4th, the results were in for the winner of the “Teacher of the Year” award.

Unfortunately, Pardo did not win which made the whole Walkersville community upset and in shock because we were almost positive that Pardo would be teacher of the year.

“Her teaching style is teaching beyond the classroom and teachers beyond the curriculum. Her love for the students is forever and she will remember her students for a long time. If I get hurt and my dad tells her, she will pull me out of the classroom to make sure I’m okay. She’s like a mom. I thought she had the win in the bag because she has been here forever and is such a great teacher,” said junior Shelby Williams.
“Mrs. Pardo is the best teacher, she not only teaches you but she wants you to succeed. I’m upset that she lost because she deserved to win because she teaches her kids how to save lives and that’s no greater joy,” says junior Mikayla Miley.