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Why FLEX Is Needed and Necessary at WHS

by Hanna Houck

There has always been controversies over FLEX period and whether or not it should exist between the student body.

The FLEX period is 35 minutes where students can do homework, go to teachers to get extra enrichment time or to make up class work, attend club meetings, or any other school/learning related activity.

Some students say it is a waste of time because they sit there with nothing to do for the entirety of it, yet other students agree that FLEX time is needed.

I believe that FLEX period is necessary in the daily schedule.

Studies at The University of Michigan found that 50% of kids ages 15-17 spend an hour or more on homework a night.(www.theatlantic.com) Most honors and Advanced Placement students have around an hour of homework per CLASS every night. If given the opportunity, most students are more than happy to get a jumpstart on their homework during the school day. The 35 minute FLEX period allows kids to knock out maybe one of their assignments for the night so they are not up all night.

Students are in school from 7:30 to 2:15 everyday. That is about six and a half hours of being in a learning environment. Granted, not all of the day is spent in classes; there is the 30 minutes lunch period along with FLEX. With being in a school environment most of the day, students need little breaks so their brains can handle all of the information thrown at them.

Dr. Romina Barros from Albert Einstein College of medicine found in her studies that students that get at least 15 minutes of break time in the school day were better behaved in class and got better grades in class than kids that did not have any breaks. ( www.tesh.com )

Eowyn Campbell said, “I have Mr. Frank for FLEX and ASL II so being able to have that extra 30 minutes to study and practice really helps me in the class the next day.”

Abigail Mann said, “I like FLEX because it gives you the extra time you need to study and get extra work done that you wouldn’t originally have time for.

Justine Wantz agreed with Mann saying, “It gives me extra time to get everything together.”
Without FLEX period students would have barely manageable amounts of homework at night and would be exhausted and drained during classes.