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Winter To Spring To Summer In One Month

by Alexis Vasquez

Lately, this Spring has felt a lot different than ones we’ve had in previous years. At the beginning of this season, it was snowing still as if it was winter. Then, dramatically, Spring came and the flowers were blooming. Now in the middle of Spring it has started to feel a lot warmer with 80 degree weather and above.

Students at WHS have taken advantage of this climate change. Shorts, skirts, and flip flops are roaming down the halls. Sophomore Taylor Diggs says, “I love wearing dresses and  now I can in this warm weather.” Many other students agree with her, such as Megan Wells, “I mostly own clothes for summer and barely any for colder months.”

Other students such as Mikayla Domingo, a sophomore, says, “I hate warm weather. It needs to stop; most of my clothes are black and can only be worn in Autumn and Winter.” I would have to agree with Mikayla Domingo because I as well only own clothes for cold weather such as long sleeves, jeans, and jackets.

But negative comments aside, this weather appeases many students and people that don’t even attend WHS. It is a significant change from being in the long winter that most people disliked. With this warm weather, many are dreading how hot summer will be. But that will be a whole other experience.