Text message crash
Don’t Send Text Messages That Restart Phones

by Alexis Vasquez

Recently, people around the globe have been sending a text message that will restart iPhones. It can be found on twitter where most trends begin. Students at WHS have adopted this habit to joke around with their friends.

Sometimes the message doesn’t actually work and leaves the receiver’s phone normal and unharmed. Other times the message just doesn’t let the receiver open their messaging app. Katy Plum, a junior, received this message from a close friend and she said, “it was super annoying because my messages didn’t work at all. The main thing I use my phone for is texting, so it was frustrating to not be able to respond to any one.”

Most of the time the message does what it was promised to do, well what Twitter described it as, which is to just restart the user’s iPhone. Emilie Ralph, a sophomore, tried sending it to her friends to just play around. Instead the message sent in a different format than what was intended. She stated, “I tried several times just to mess with my friend but every time I did my friend would respond instantly saying it didn’t work.”

Most people would think this is childish just like Arin Turner, a 10th grader, said, “I think people need to stop this. I’m glad I haven’t received it and I hope I never do. It’s not funny in any way – it’s childish.”

Hopefully this trend dies off as fast as it started. The text message crash is no laughing manner and could possibly cause permanent problems with an iPhone. Students shouldn’t be doing it as a little “joke”.