Grish returns
Back from Surgery, English Teacher Anna Grish Glad To Be Here

by Alexis Vasquez

A couple of weeks ago Anna Grish, an English teacher, had to leave school to have back surgery. She was in pain several weeks before going into surgery and could barely move. Now she is back and better than ever.

Grish is happy to be back with her students. She has a joy for teaching and said, “I absolutely would’ve been back sooner.” Her students are glad to have her back. Brooklyn Pfaltzgraff, a 10th grader, said, “With Mrs. Grish being back, class is better and always fun. She is really nice and funny.” Grish always makes class a fun experience for her students and they learn a lot from such an experienced teacher. Kelcie Robertson, a sophomore, said, “I’m glad Mrs. Grish is back! She always makes class interesting and fun and I missed her little jokes.” Grish does a great job with making learning a fascinating time for everyone involved.

Being in pain for two months before leaving campus, Grish was devoted to her work and wanted the best for her class. She stated, “I made sure to stay long enough for my students to end and understand Macbeth (the current book in the curriculum).” She didn’t want to leave her students lost towards the end of a major unit in the semester.

After her surgery was complete and Grish was healthy to return to work she said, “I returned to mountains of paperwork and unfinished work.” But it’s all in a day’s work and part of the job to grade students work. She is trying her best to continue the curriculum as planned and also, she said, “if I don’t get in a Shakespeare sonnet, as promised, I will feel the school year is incomplete.”

Aside from school work, her everyday life has changed after being used to staying in bed for three weeks. Grish says, “the hardest part is to return to my normal schedule.” With recovering from her operation she has to attend physical therapy now. She says, “my muscles are tense all around my spine. I can’t bend, lift, and twist.” To show a bit of her humorous side she says she can’t BLT.
I had to cut the interview short because, as said before, Grish had to continue taking on her mountain of paperwork. But we are all glad to have Anna Grish back at WHS healthy and better than ever.