Students May Have to Retake SAT Test Due to Error In Booklet About Timing



by Ana Taylor 

On Saturday, June 6th, students taking the SAT around the United States realized a mistake on sections 8 and 9. This caused confusion on how much time they had to complete that part of the test. Some booklets gave the correct time, 20 minutes, but some of the booklets gave the wrong time, 25 minutes. Teachers who were then confused, thought it must have been a mistake in the proctor book, which said 20 minutes, and gave the students the time it said on their test books instead. So this gave some of the students five extra minutes to finish the section.

This caused an outrage between parents and students because they believed it was “unfair” or “unprofessional” since College Board should’ve realized this error.

Now students are waiting in frustration to see if the test will be invalidated and must be taken over again.

All over twitter, students around Frederick County are in shock and believe this whole situation is absurd. Of course because students have spent days preparing themselves and finally spending 4 hours of their Saturday morning solving mind bottling questions for a test that may be “invalidated”.

“If the SATs from Saturday get invalidated I might flip a lid,” says Brenna Baran, a Junior at Oakdale High School.

“If they invalidate the sat scores from Saturday I will cry,” stated Chloe Saday, a sophomore at Tuscarora High School.

“If I have to freakin re-take the June SAT again just because college board made a mistake on the test book,” said Smruti Hariprakasha, a Junior at Walkersville High School.

Students are Walkersville High School express how they feel about the situation.

“I’m kind of mad that I might have to take it over again,” replied Kendra McAbee, a Junior at WHS.

“I think I did very well on it and I might be disappointed if they make me retake it,” states Kevin Anderson, a junior at WHS.

“Its unfair to students who actually got twenty minutes and it’s actually the college board’s fault so they are going to have to deal with it. I am not going to go take another SAT even though it will be for a free but I am not going to go and waste one Saturday that I can be vacationing on. This is truly an un-justice,” says Smruti Hariprakasha, a Junior at WHS, who also tweeted about the inconvenience.
Students in the United States are hoping that the college board will not make them retake the SAT. If they do, who knows what kind of outrage the students will unleash..