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Boys Soccer Loses to Urbana 3-0

 by Regan Farr

  The Boys Soccer team played Urbana yesterday at Walkersville, and had a tough loss with the score of 3-0.    

Before the game, the guys were ready to compete but were nervous about facing Urbana. Walkerville’s record was 1-2 last week.

Junior Collin Heller says, “Urbana only beat Linganore 2 to 1, and we beat them 1 to nothing, so I believe that we can beat them if we put our minds to it and really focus up.”  

Senior Abdou Salifou also feels that Urbana will be great competition and is excited to get on the field, “If we can beat Linganore 1 to nothing then we can definitely beat Urbana, it will be really competitive but we are ready to put up a fight.”  

Seniors TJ Metcalfe and Lino Aguilar Barron both think it’ll be a great, close game. Metcalf remarks, “I think it will be a tough game, but our team has some great leadership and skills that our program hasn’t had in the past, so we are able to win as long as we are focused.”

Junior Austin Lajoie agrees that their team’s skills have improved a lot this year. Lajoie says, “Urbana will be pretty good, but we have the skill that will definitely give them a challenge.”      

The first 10 minutes Lions really held on there, it was 0-0 for a while. The Hawks ended up scoring two goals to make it 2-0. Senior Alex Moore had some great saves but sadly let in those two. The ball stayed in Urbana’s possession for most of the half so it was hard to get control of the game.     

Starting the second half, Lions came out stronger and gained more possession. Sophomore Spencer Short and Junior Michael MacCracken both had shots on goal but Short’s was saved and MacCracken’s shot went over the goal. Moore continued to make good saves in goal and keep the score at 2-0. Toward the end of the half Urbana scored a goal to finish the game 3-0.  

The Boys Varsity Soccer team’s next game is Tuesday, September 29th at Brunswick.