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Dance Etc. Faces Challenges and a Name Change

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by Ashley Terry

Dance Etc. is facing new changes this year when owner Jo Ann Groom’s health majorly declined.

Due to Grooms’ health, she is unable to run Dance Etc. Friends and instructors Jen Ringer and Jessica Barnett have taken over the studio. Due to Grooms’ insurance, “We couldn’t keep the name because it couldn’t be attached to her income.” (Jen Ringer) “Me and Jess couldn’t think of a name because so many kids love the name Dance Etc. We had to think of a way to fuse fitness and dance together. That’s how we came up with the name Fusion Fitness & Dance.”

Ringer has been an instructor for four years and Barnett has been an instructor for ten years.

Ringer’s goals as a new owner are, “To provide amazing dance instruction and build kids creativity and confidence, and contribute to the community. We’re actually doing a Halloween costume dance party to help raise money for breast cancer. We’re selling sweatshirts and T-shirts to help provide for Jo Ann. I want to be here for the kids and see them grow and be in a family environment.

“I danced when I was younger so the love for dance has always been there. God led me down this path and I have a degree in social work, and now God helped me do that in a whole different way. I want to see families come together and get involved. I want to help the community. This place provides classes for a whole family to participate. Emotionally it has been very hard on me. Not only is she my boss, she is my friend. I’ve been trying to pull the community together and get everyone involved for Jo Ann.”