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Executive Director of FCPS Tracey Lucas Answers Questions from the Lion’s Pride

by Addie Robert

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Tracey Lucas, the Executive Director of Frederick County Public Schools, a few questions.

When you walk into a high school or middle school, what do you expect to see?

Lucas said, “I expect to see students engaged in learning, not sitting and listening. I would expect to see students using technology in a meaningful way as part of the lesson as well as working in groups. I would expect to see that instruction is differentiated- that it does not look the same for every student every day. I want  students to take courses they think may be difficult, and challenge themselves to persist.”

 What has been been your overall path as an educator at Frederick County Public Schools?

“I began my career in FCPS in 1988. I started with FCPS 3 months after I graduated from college! I spent ten years as a middle school teacher at Walkersville Middle School where I taught both 6th and 8th grade and a variety of courses such as language arts, integrated studies, french and even art! From there, I was fortunate to be hired for the position of teacher specialist in the Career and Technology office. I also served as the Lead Coordinator at Maryland State Department of Education before returning to FCPS as an assistant principal at West Frederick Middle. I was thrilled to then be named the principal at Windsor Knolls Middle, In 2012, I became the Executive  Director of School Administration and Leadership where I have the responsibility for all of our schools.” said Lucas.

What are your overall challenges in your position?

She said,  “Time is my greatest challenge. I always wish I had more time in my day to visit more schools and see more students. I do get to visit all of our schools, but I wish I could do it more often.”

As a parent who has kids that graduated from Walkersville and as a member of the community, what do you love about Walkersville and what message would you like to send to Walkersville students?

“As I began my teaching career in Walkersville and have two adult children who are WHS graduates, I am proud to be from Walkersville. I am especially proud of how Walkersville is a community  and how the community pulls together and supports each other. To the students of WHS I would say work hard, challenge yourself, take a risk. Leave your world a better place then you found it. Be kind and compassionate to others because everyone has a story you don’t know. And find something that gives you joy!”