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FCC Dual Enrollment Has Many Perks, and Some Challenges and Responsibilities

by Tessa Brubaker

For many years here at Walkersville High School, seniors have had the opportunity to take actual college classes over at FCC. This has helped students complete required college freshman classes before they even graduate from high school. However, in the past year, these FCC classes are now being taught at WHS. This is giving more opportunities for students to excel in their academics who never would have had this opportunity before.

Senior Olivia Matthews, who is currently taking Biology 101, said, “I really enjoy it. I feel like it puts you in a college setting, it’s like an actual college class.” When I asked if FCC dual enrollment is easier or harder then an AP course she smiles and says, “It’s definitely easier than an AP class because you’re not studying to take the big test at the end.”  

Students and teachers would agree that taking dual enrollment has its perks. At the senior meeting on Friday, August 28 Principal Tracey Franklin raved that some students have “already completed a semester or a year worth of college credit.”

Senior Chase Foley told me, “You get college credit, it’s fun and you get more free time.” It’s true that you don’t have the class everyday which allows some students to leave school early or come to school late. Or you can hang out and do work in the new room just for dual enrollment students.

Participating in these classes can help students become ready for college. Senior Carly Hickman, who is currently taking English 101, said, “They let you keep your own pace and you learn how to manage your own time.” That is especially important for students who struggle with how fast paced the AP courses can become.

However, AP classes are definitely more rigorous and challenging. If you do well in these classes, that might be more of an incentive for colleges to accept you into their school. Sarah Strausbough, a senior and someone who believes that AP classes are better than dual enrollment, said, “AP classes are still structured like high school classes so they’re easier to adjust to.”
At the end of the day, whether you decide to take a dual enrollment class or choose to take just AP classes, both of these options will give you the tools you need to be successful in college and beyond.

news -fcc lounge - Tessa