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Girls Soccer Team Starts Big with a 5-0 Win Over Boonsboro

 by Regan Farr

    The girls soccer team came out with a great first home game! Walkersville beat Boonsboro 5-0 on September 10th.

      Before the game the girls were feeling pretty confident, but a bit nervous because of all the injuries and players out right now. Senior Alyssa Neher says, “Right now we are struggling because a few of our starters are out with concussions or being sick. Once everyone returns healthy we will be back on track and have a successful season.”

     Senior Taylor McClelland says differently about their sick/injured players. She is still very confident in the game against Boonsboro. McClelland says, “We are pumped. Although we are down a lot of our starters right now we are still ready to compete.”

     Junior Maddie Sorrell, who is a current starter that’s out with a concussion, believes that their team is ready for this season and is gonna go very far. Sorrell remarks, “Walkersville is going to states this year.” Junior Brooke Tucker not only thinks they will do well, but makes a prediction about how the Boonsboro game will go, “I think we will have a great season, my prediction is that we will score 5 goals against Boonsboro.” Tucker predicted the score correctly!

       The first quarter neither team was able to score, both played very good defense. Rolling into the second quarter Lions had two goals by senior Emma Jozwiak and senior Gabby Warnert. At halftime Lions had two and Boonsboro still hadn’t scored.

     Starting the second half, Lions came out strong. They were ready to compete and finish the game off with a win. Jozwiak at striker got another goal, along with Neher and Junior Emma Bernardoni. The Lady Lions shut down Boonsboro.

    Junior Emma Crouch says, “I think we played well as a team — we came out to win. everyone played a good part did what they’re  supposed to do”
     Senior Casey Cassels feels the same way and is very proud of those who stepped up when so many are out. Cassels says, “I think we played really well. We gave it our all. The people who replaced the injured starters really stepped up their game and did what they needed to do to get the job done.”Sorrell, after watching the game from the sidelines, says, “Everyone did pretty good, they tried there best and worked well together.”
     Junior Brooke Tucker was proud of the hard work her team put in. She was very excited to say, “I think the team did really good! We scored a lot and had possession of the ball most of the game. Communication was great.”

     The next girls soccer game is tonight, September 15th, at home against Francis Scott Key High School. It starts at 7 pm.