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Increased Class Sizes Making Life More Challenging at WHS

by Abigail Mann

       As we begin a new year at WHS, students and staff are greeted with familiar faces, but this school year, you might find yourself seeing quite a few new faces. This is no coincidence; the student body of WHS has increased substantially, so much so that most classrooms are facing issues with space and student placement. New students and members of our lion pride are always welcome with open arms, but how much is too much?

      Assistant principal Jason Lininger spoke on the issue, stating, “Classes are now holding 30-35 students, when really they’re supposed to hold just 24 students”.  This increase in class size has hit classes hard, making it harder to address individual student needs. Lininger also addressed the issue of scheduling and how it has affected teachers; “We’ve had to cut teachers. It’s made scheduling classes much harder”.

     It is obvious that staff members have felt the effects of class increase, but what about students?

Senior Austin Kirkwood voiced his opinion, calling the high volume of students “annoying”. He added, “You can’t switch classes now,;they’re all really crowded”.

Junior McKenzie Akers concurred with his statement, pointing out that “The hallways seem way more crowded and hectic”.

     Principal Tracey Franklin has been aware of this issue and its effects and has discussed it with several other principals countywide who are enduring the same problem as well. Although, high schools aren’t the only schools affected, “High schools are affected most significantly” Franklin stated; “The projected amount of students annually is 1,054. This year we have 1,091, which is roughly 40 students over the average”. Although it has been a challenge, Franklin says that she “believes in our staff and teachers; we’ve tried to prepare for this”.

      We have seen the complications of a having a higher volume of students, and how it has affected staff and students. Despite this, I am more than confident that our school and administration will handle it with the utmost care and consideration. So next time you see a new face in the hallway or in your classes; introduce yourself, say hello, or just shoot a friendly smile. Let’s welcome our new members of WHS!