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Is the Lexus Slide the Real Life Hoverboard of Our Dreams?

by Ryan Cox

The future is closer than ever with the reveal of the Lexus Slide, a real life hoverboard. The board is capable of flying over solids, like asphalt or concrete, as well as liquids, such as water that’s over a foot deep. To pull off this technological wonder the board is packed full of high end technological components.

To get this pseudo skateboard to stay off the ground the slide contains a bunch of magnets and superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen. This process is exceedingly hot, thus the board consumes a massive amount of liquid nitrogen to keep from overheating. But all this technical prowess comes at a steep cost.

The board, as previously stated, runs on superconductors and therefor needs lots of magnets built into the ground. This means that the Slide will only work on specific parks created for the board. This means that the Slide is not as accessible as Lexus would have you believe.

When asked if they would buy a Slide as opposed to a normal skateboard Senior Michael Bujold said “I’d get one if it felt like a normal skateboard, but it might be too expensive.”

To match his pessimism both Seth Smucker said, “It seems like it would be expensive, but it is a cool option.”

Jessica Eveler said “I would stick with a skateboard because of the customization it offers.”

Maybe in the future the tech will advance to a level where anyone can use it, but for now it seem to remain just out of reach.