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New Fall Movies and Television Shows Have Something For Everyone

by Molly Draper

Movie fanatic? TV show crazed? Everyone loves a good comedy. Or maybe a bone chilling thriller. Now is the time to catch up on the last season of a TV show. Lots of popular shows are about to air a new season, as well as new movies being released. But let’s not forget about those classic Halloween movies that are on their way. Now is a great time to see those old movies from your childhood, or catch up on old season from a TV show before the new season.

ABC family has been a movie central for years and they just recently released the 2015 “Halloween countdown” schedule. Here’s a list of some of the movies that are a blast from the past:

October 19 – 4 PM – Hocus Pocus
October 20 – 4 PM – Corpse Bride
October 21 – 5 PM – Casper
October 22 – 4 PM – The Addams Family
October 23 – 5:30 PM – Hunger Games
October 24 – 7 AM – Matilda
October 24 -1 PM – The Nightmare Before Christmas
October 24 – 8:30 PM – Monsters University
October 27 – 12 AM – ParaNorman
October 30 – 8:30 PM –Poltergeist
October 30 – 12 AM – Poltergeist II
October 31 – 7 AM – Batman
October 31 – 10 AM – Batman Returns

“I love The Addams Family! I was Wednesday one year for Halloween!” says Madi Etzler, Sophomore.

New movies that have recently come out include:

Maze Runner: Scorch Trails – PG-13 – SciFi

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) wakes up in a labyrinth filled with other teenagers who are in similar situations as himself. None of them have any memory of their past life and don’t know how they got there. Thomas demonstrates characteristics of a unique group of people called runners. Runners are those who try to navigate the ever changing maze and find a way out. Him and his companion Teresa think they know the way out and try to convince the others. Will they convince the others to go with them?

The Visit – PG-13 -Thriller 

Becca and younger brother Tyler take a train to the deep Pennsylvania woods to meet their maternal grandparents. The two arrive but notice strange behavior from the seemingly normal couple. Once the two discover a horrifying secret, their only question is will they be able to make it home.

No Escape– R – Action

A family move to Southeast Asia for their father Jack’s new job, and begin a new life. Little did they know they moved right into the heart of a political uprising. Rebels attack the hotel they are staying at and plan to kill any foreigners they come across. It’s up to Jack to save himself and his family from the chaos.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.- PG-13 -Action

An unknown criminal organization plan to use nuclear weapons and technology to upset the balance of power between the U.S. and the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. It’s up to rival agents Napoleon and Illya to stop this before it happens. their only lead is the missing daughter of a German scientist who thy have to find before the world catastrophe.

Speaking of TV, doesn’t it seem like forever since you saw a new episode of your favorite TV show? Well, the wait is almost over. Here are air times for some of the most anxiously awaited TV series:

The Walking Dead- Fear not zombie lovers, season 6 is just around the corner. Season 6, Episode One airs Sunday, October 11 on AMC.

“Team Daryl for life!” says Leah Sine, Sophomore.

American Horror Story: Hotel- season five is only a couple weeks away first episode of the season airing October 7 on FX.

“I like AHS because it’s creepy and entertaining.” said sophomore Abby Engle

Big Bang Theory – Missing quirky quotes from Sheldon? Never fear, Dr. Cooper is here- well, in three more days. BBT starts September 21st on CBS.

“I love Big Bang Theory, I own all 8 season in a box set.” says Erica Carbone, Chemistry Teacher.

Elementary – It’s elementary my dear Watson… Season 4 couldn’t be coming soon enough. The first episode of the season airs November 4th on CBS.

Doctor Who – We couldn’t forget about you, Whovians. The Doctor will make his appearance soon as the series heads into its 9th season. Episode one airs September 19th on BBC.