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Smash Club a Huge Hit with Walkersville Students

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by Maria Ruiz

What is Smash Club? Smash Club is a group of kids, boys and girls, that come together and play Super Smash Bros. which is a popular videogame.

The president of Smash Club Senior Emmett McCarthy says “My goal for the club is to teach people about the game and show them that it’s more than just another”

McCarthy added, “The club is so much fun; it’s not just about the game it’s about the people too.”

English teacher John Van Bloem sponsors Smash Club.

Van Bloem says “A student asked me last year to sponsor the club; I didn’t think it would be this popular, but Emmett and James are really good guys. This club is something new and our administration was open to the idea which was the good part because we wouldn’t have this club if they weren’t so open”.

The kids in the club really enjoy the time they spend together all in the names of Smash Bros.

Senior Jeremy Pirker says “I like that I can just hang out and play video games at school” Pirker says that playing the game is a lot of fun but the people really make the club.

Van Bloem and McCarthy say that this club is really a social thing.

Van Bloem says “I like that this club is social; it teaches leadership and sportsmanship. The kids could be going against each other in the game and one will lose really bad but they all laugh about it. It teaches you in life that if you make a mistake it’s not always the end of the world, you can laugh about it and move on”.

Some of the kids play Super Smash Bros at home and some don’t. A lot of the kids like that this club is somewhere you can have fun be with your friends and not worrying about anything learning-wise

Senior Jeff Early says “At this club it’s relaxed and fun; you get to be with friends. Hanging out with your friends and playing video games is the best part”.