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Behind the Scenes at Screamland Farms – Students Working Hard to Terrify

by Tessa Brubaker

Nothing is more exciting than walking through a haunted house and having people jump out and scare you. It really get you into the Halloween spirit. However, have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as an actor in a haunted attraction? This article will show you all the work and time that is spent bringing Crumland’s Screamland Farms to life!

All throughout the summer, including September, people were hard at work building the attraction you see now. At Screamland Farms there are three different attractions people can go on. The Barn of Bedlam, Corrupted Corn, and the Hayride of Horror. The managers and cast members spent weeks building various scenes around the huge property. Creating something of this magnitude takes months planning and creating. It is not an easy process. However, the outcome is well worth it and it’s something the actors involved will never forget.

Actor and makeup artist, Tiffany Sweeney said, “I love the people who work here; it’s like one big happy family.” Spending hours in the cold or in the barn with other actors can definitely help you to make friends and walk away from the experience knowing a lot more people.

Brittney Lucas, who works in the clown scene, told me, “My favorite part is making people cry.” Lucas wears contact lenses that completely cover her eye in white, which definitely makes people uneasy. While working there, I have scared people so bad that they actually sprint away from the scene screaming. Of course, you’re not going to end up scaring every person, but you put in a hundred and ten percent effort anyway.

Walkersville High School students are working there as well and the comments they say about it are nothing but positive.

Freshmen Tori Piechowski said, “I like the people that work here, making new friends, and scaring people to the point of peeing themselves.”

Freshman Clare Pickron added, “It’s similar to acting in theatre and since I love doing that — this is a lot of fun for me.” Both Piechowski and Pickron work in the clown scene together.

Screamland Farms is open every weekend on Fridays and Saturdays until the first weekend of November. If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in, it’s not too late! They are always welcoming volunteers every night to fill in missing spots. You can talk to some of your local Walkersville students who are working there this year to help you out and give you more information.

Working in a haunted attraction as an actor is a fantastic way to have some fun during the Halloween season! Once it’s over, you will always have the next year.