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Downtown Frederick Host to a Coffee Empire

by Maria Ruiz

Downtown Frederick is a beautiful place with lots of small business’ and  mainstream stores.

Starbucks is one of the mainstream stores. In downtown, their Starbucks looks like a different but unique type of building.

Barista Kelsey White says, “The location is perfect for a big named company like Starbucks, because there’s a lot of foot traffic so there’s lots of customers that just stop by on the way to where they have to go.”

White added, “People love to go to Downtown Frederick and just look around and go to little stores and some people will stay and just talk to friends for hours in Starbucks. On a daily basis, we get about 200-300 customers through just half the day; mornings are usually the busiest & weekend evenings, and nights are usually also very busy.”

Customer Jenny Henneberoy says, “The employees are very nice and cooperative with all the customers; I come here every morning and I love it. I think everything that they sell is very good but definitely their frappes are the most popular.”

Customer Jenn Burton says “It’s great that they have one in downtown Frederick because there’s so many people like me that come here because they live around here or work around here; it’s a good place to get coffee and wake up for work. I come here every morning and get a breakfast sandwich, I think that’s one of the best things they have here. They have such a variety here and I think that’s why people really do love Starbucks.”

Barista Christina Robinson says, “We get a lot of customers since we are in downtown Frederick and everyone just walks so they stop by.” Robinson also says, “Our best selling product would definitely be any type of frappé and our Caramel Macchiato.”

Both Robinson and White agreed that the hardest part of their job is personally connecting with the customers, and definitely trying to spell people’s name correctly.