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End of the Term Adds Major Stress to Walkersville Student Body

by Alexis Cavell

      The end of the first term is this Thursday, October 29th. Some students are in despair trying to get their grades to where they want. Do not stress — it is not the end of the world!

     There are simple steps you can take to get your grades to the highest point possible. Be sure to check your grades on If it states that you have missing work, turn it in. If you have any questions or think you turned in an assignment already, don’t be afraid to ask the teacher — they will help you and fix the problem.  

     Let’s say you don’t have any missing assignments but your grade is an 88%. Ask the teacher if you can do extra credit. Or you can retake a test if there’s one you didn’t do well on.

    Freshman Jasmine Maradiaga was asked if the end of the term stresses her out. In response she said,”Yes it does! It stresses everyone!” The class she is most worried about is science. She explained that she has a test that could affect her grade.”I did decently this term.”

     Freshman Dori Kourk stated, “The worst part is trying to get grades up on time.” She explained that chemistry is her most stressful class at the end of term.

     Junior Victoria Jester was asked if end of the term stresses her out. “Depends on what my grades are…I took two tests today, one in psychology and the other in history. I think I did okay…I’m happy with my grades this term.”  

     Freshman Shayna Maleson exclaimed that the end of the term doesn’t worry her much. “My grades are where I want them. I have upcoming tests in Algebra Based Physics, and Algebra 2.” She explained that they are the hardest out of the classes she is taking this term, but she is not stressing over them.

     Didn’t get the grades you had hoped for and you have tried everything possible? That’s okay! Take more time to study in the future and try harder next term.