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Fear the Walking Dead Finishes Just as The Walking Dead Is Set To Begin

by Molly Draper

In Fear the Walking Dead, an AMC spin off of The Walking Dead, the story follows a typical suburban family living in the midst of the beginnings of an apocalypse. Similar to The Walking Dead, FTWD shows what it’s like within a populated city as opposed to the rural southern setting of the original series.

Aired Episodes: *NO SPOILERS- for those of you who have not seen them already*

(retrieved from http://www.amc.com/shows/fear-the-walking-dead/season-1/episode-01-episode-1)
Aug. 23- Pilot – A highly dysfunctional and diverse family is put to the test when they realize a virus, downplayed by the government, is the start of the end of the world.
Aug. 30- So Close, Yet So Far– Travis heads to Los Angeles to get his son and ex-wife out of the city before it collapses. Meanwhile, Madison tries to keep her son from experiencing a tragic withdrawal.
Sept. 13- The Dog– After escaping a riot in the city, Travis, his ex-wife, and his son are forced to seek shelter with the Salazars in their barber shop. Madison and her two teenagers are forced to make difficult decisions in order to survive.
Sept. 20- Not Fade Away– The National Guard enforces martial law on Madison and Travis’s neighborhood, creating a “safe” zone. This causes stress on the already weak relationship the family had before the apocalypse.
Sept. 27- Cobalt– The National Guard’s plan for the neighborhood is revealed. Travis and Madison must make a difficult decision for the safety of their family.

Unaired Episodes: *Again, NO SPOILERS*
Oct. 4- The Good Man– As civil unrest grows, and the dead take over, Travis and Madison try to devise ways to protect their families.

The season finale of Fear The Walking Dead airs October 4th at 9 on AMC.

What do you think of FTWD?

“I’m not really impressed with the way they put together FTWD. I wish they used at least two characters from TWD who have already died, and showed how they lived and what they did when the breakout happened,” says sophomore Emily Hrabosky.

Sophomore Rachel Green states, “I don’t watch it. I love The Walking Dead, don’t get me wrong, but Daryl’s not in it, so why watch?”

Who’s your favorite character?

“My favorite character in FTWD has to be the daughter, Alicia,” says Hrabosky.


“Ofelia, she seemed like an innocent girl, like she wouldn’t do anything, but now she seems like she’s getting power,” says English teacher Stephanie Fink.

Are you excited for the season finale?

“Yes and no. This season has just been extremely boring, and there hasn’t been much action,” says Hrabosky.


“Yeah, I’m interested to see what happens. I don’t know if they’re gonna get out” says Fink.

Are you going to watch Season 2?

“Probably, I love The Walking Dead and I would give FTWD a second chance,” says Hrabsoky.


“Probably, because I’ll be needing a fix of The Walking Dead once it’s over,” says history teacher Jamie Skena.

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 1 airs Sunday, October 11th at 9:00pm on AMC.

Are you excited for TWD?  

“I am more than excited for TWD. Every time I see a commercial, I fangirl super hard,” says Hrabosky.


Sophomore Leah Sine says, “Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to it since the end of last season.”

Favorite Ship?(A relationship between two characters made up by fans)

“Definitely Darol,” (Carol and Daryl) says Hrabosky.


Fink says, “Carol and Daryl, definitely.”


“Daryl and Carol for sure, though I thought maybe Beth and Daryl at first,” says Skena.

Most missed character?

“My most missed character would have to be Beth. She was the peace keeper and had such a kind heart,” says Hrabosky.


“Beth. I loved the way she looked for the good in people and the sweet side she brought out in Daryl,” says Skena.

“Hershel, or even going back to Dale, because they were the moral compass for the group,” says Fink.

Favorite character?

“Rick, definitely,” says Skena.


Sine states, “Glen is the moral saver of the group.”

“Carol, she’s so smart and very aware of the people around her and how she needs to act based on her situation. Even though she’s been through all of these terrible things, she still came out on top,” states Fink.

Predictions for future seasons?

“I think in the future seasons, Daryl is going to die, Rick is going to lose his mind, and Carl is going to have to kill him” says Hrabosky.

“Nothing good. Alexandria is going to fall. I haven’t read the books but I’m pretty sure there’s a bad guy that might come into it soon. I’m afraid Glen’s gonna be the next to go,” says Fink.