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If You Text and Walk, You May Regret It

by James Shea

People nowadays love texting, using the internet, and playing games. Which is understandable when you set time aside to do those particular things but while you’re in the hallway, on the street, or in any social interaction, there is no place for it. Between the hallways, the sidewalks, or even public places like stores, we have accumulated a lot of people who walk around on their phones with little to no concept of what’s going on around them. Let’s call them walkers.

Walkers are a growing problem in our community and everywhere in general. They walk around with little to no concept of what’s going on around them similar to a chicken without a head and run into everything. Nicole Mehring, junior, stated “It’s very annoying, and they run into people. It’s unsafe. They have no concept of what’s going on and that’s how you get hit by a car.”

It’s became apparent to me that walkers are more of a societal issue than anything at this point,\; grown men and women with their tablets and phones walking aimlessly into a nearby pole, wall, dumpster, or even a car. I have personally taken it upon myself to speak to the head honcho herself, Principal Tracey Franklin who was very knowledgeable on this topic. “I think it’s a bigger problem than just students in school; it’s a societal problem. In the mall you see it, and even if you’re in your car driving you’ll see other drivings doing it.”

Franklin continues with, “I personally don’t like it but I’ve been guilty of it as well; it’s honestly a very rude behavior. Mr Liniger and I will speak to students, saying hello and goodmorning and other things like that, and sometimes they won’t even make eye contact. I don’t think it’s just their problem either, I think it’s a societal problem. Parents do it too, I think as a society we need to look at what we’re doing and what appropriate manners are when we’re in public. Though I’d rather have students do it during unstructured times such as lunch, I still don’t want students walking around and being unsafe.”

The walkers are a growing problem. Though, there are outliers. A few people that I’d asked about the topic were defending the walkers, like Jeremy Pirker, who retorted to the other comments about the safety aspect of it, “If you can maintain the speed of everyone else, you’re fine. It really doesn’t matter as long as you pay attention”

Walkers need a reality check. It’s a bad habit and it also shows poor behavior and it’s very rude and also unsafe. Students need to be smarter about it. Parents and other authority figures need to be better about it as well, to set a good example for them. Only then can we prevent the walking joke that is texting on the move.