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Lumber Jack Day, Unique to WHS, Has Plaid-Wearing Students and Staff Scarving Pancakes


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by Becky Brown

Each year the students of Walkersville dress in their best flannels, boots and suspenders for Lumberjack Day!

Lumberjack Day is a tradition done on the Friday (or Thursday in this case) before homecoming week. It is a student led spirit day which began about 8 to 12 years ago. Overtime, more and more students became involved until it became a school wide event. Students have even added the tradition of pancakes and syrup. All day you can see kids walking around with tubs of homemade pancakes, and giant bottles of syrup to share with friends. Not only do we dress up like lumberjacks, but we eat like one too!

Students all over the school have been looking forward to this all year, and the day has finally come.

“I like Lumberjack Day. I just like the clothes you wear and eating pancakes at lunch,” said senior Jennifer Dinterman

Teacher Christine Stovall said, “I think it’s super fun. I didn’t know about it before today.”

“I really like it. I think it’s fun because everyone is in the school spirit” said freshman Grace Boroughs

“It’s unique to our school and we all get to wear plaid which is something we all already have. It’s also fun to do something with everyone in the school” said junior Olivia Ruth

Senior Haley Conley says, “I like the pancakes and how festive it is.”“I like to see everybody looking super silly in their jean shorts and I like to see people go all out with school spirit,” said senior Mackenzie White

Senior Robert Reilly agrees with everyone, and added, “I love plaid!”

Lumberjack Day has truly started off the spirit week with a bang. Pancakes and plaid have gotten students and teachers ready for the big week ahead of them.