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Major League Gaming a Professional Place for Games to Excel and Win Money

by Ryan Cox

Video games are a great way to pass the time and were considered a great pastime. The operative word in that statement is “Were.” Since 2002 a professional esports organization called MLG, or Major League Gaming has dedicated themselves to high skill level video game tournaments, and promoting video games as a real sport.

Since then, MLG has only risen in the ranks of popularity and video games are becoming bigger and bigger. In 2004, there were only two different games and three tournaments. In 2015 there are seven different games, and ten tournaments. 2015 has also seen a 253% rise in viewership and 482% increase in ad revenue. MLG TV reaches 27 million viewers every month, according to majorleaguegaming.com.

People come from all over the globe to see their favorite game played by the very best the world has to offer. These shows are held in specially designed stadiums and the seats are almost always sold out. Now think of how many are sitting at home, on their computer, or even on their phone, watching from half a world away. For some games the viewer counts exceed that of traditional sports. Esports are the pastime of the new generation.

As if to contradict this freshman Erin Kopit said “Sports are physical, and video games are not. Videogames are not sports.” The American government disagrees though; pro gamers are given athletes visas so that they may compete overseas.

Senior Ryan Schnepfe simply says “Yes, video games are sports. It’s competitive, therefore it’s a sport if people want it to be.”

Jonathan Clark, senior, says “I consider it to be a sport.” When asked to explain, he responded with, “If people want it to be a sport, then let it.” I can’t help but agree. The sports stations will follow where the money goes, I see it going to e-sports more and more as time goes by.