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New Sights and Smells Spice Up Cafeteria Food

by Chris Copen

Students were recently surprised by new sights and smells in the cafeteria. As part of an initiative with Frederick County Schools, Walkersville High was selected as one of five schools to take part in sampling new food options for the cafeteria. As a self-employed professional eater, I jumped upon this opportunity for free food under the guise of journalistic research. Usually I’ll blindly endorse any food I can get my hands on, especially if it’s free. But this new cafeteria food is different. It’s actually good.

The food sampled was chinese chicken, rice, a doughy mozzarella stick, and a choice of baked spicy or regular breaded chicken. Also available was a type of seasoned french fry. The real standouts here were definitely the chinese chicken and the mozzarella sticks. I found the baked chicken to be quite dry, and the fries too light on the seasoning. That said, it’s all a far step up above the typical cafeteria fare, and other students took notice.

“The cafeteria food is alright right now, but changing the food is definitely a good idea. We need some new food here” said junior Josh Boards. Senior Carlos Incao agreed, saying that “If the cafeteria served some better food, I’d definitely consider eating there more often.” But what did they think after trying the food? Only good things of course. “It’s actually pretty good” Carlos said “I’d probably eat here more often if they had this stuff”. Senior Andrew Raynor, who previously said “I’ve never eaten in the cafeteria, and I don’t plan on doing it anytime soon” changed his mind after trying the mozzarella stick, remarking “Ya, if they had this, I’d be here everyday.”

So when will the new food be coming? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t very clear. The new food was only part of a presentation from a vendor for FCPS, and our good reactions doesn’t necessarily mean that new food will be coming any time soon, if ever, to the cafeteria. When the food does come, however, I’ll be one of the first in line.