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PSAT’s Scheduled for Wednesday Have Some Excited, Some Nervous

by Ashley Terry

The PSATS are very stressful for some students.

Junior Nadine Kuster is “nervous” for the PSAT because it counts this year.

Junior Kasey Shawver feels that it is “like any other test I guess I’m sort of nervous for it because it prepares you for the SATs which is an important test.”

The PSAT is a practice for the SAT.

Many students take the PSAT their freshman, sophomore and junior year. Some students don’t take the PSAT.

Anyone can take the PSAT. Some students take it for a baseline to see if they have improved after taking the SAT.

Some take the PSAT just for fun.

Junior Brittany Knott is feeling “good” for the PSAT.

Knott is planning on “finding newer ways to study for the PSAT.”

Shawver gave some more information about the studying portion of the PSAT.

“When you sign up they give you a information/study packet. So within the study packet is a practice test, so I have been doing parts of that this week and last week to prepare”

Kuster says “the more you take the PSAT, the less stress you feel. But it means that it actually starts to count.”

The PSAT is Wednesday, October 14th.

Good luck to all who are taking it.