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Record Exchange in Downtown Frederick a Music Lover’s Dream

by Abigail Mann

Downtown Frederick is a small, historic town within the wonderful city of Frederick. It is full of high end restaurants with delicious foods, as well as smaller cafes for more casual meals. It includes clothing and antique stores, to stores that offer perfumes, soaps and other cosmetics. Downtown Frederick is a city full of life and culture with plenty to see and do.

One store in particular is the Record Exchange. This store offers vinyl records from varying artists of the past and present. Their selection is far from limited; they carry just about every artist on vinyl in order of genre and alphabet. Not only do they sell vinyls, they sell tapes, CD’s. video games and old consoles. If you’re a music lover, this is your place to be.

Manager Sam Lackore shared details of the store’s past; “The Record Exchange was born back in 1974. It was originally based in Cleveland, Ohio. It opened its first store in the DC area in 1997. We believe in bringing music to the people at affordable prices on whatever format is popular.”

The Record Exchange seemed to have a considerable amount of customers for such a small store. Local Casey Daniels shared her thoughts on the store; “I’ve known this place for a while, but I’ve only recently got into old vinyl records. I really like this store because they have a lot of good records that are really inexpensive. They’re really affordable.”

 Daniels was accompanied by a friend by the name Brandon Mills. Mills delivered his input as well; “I’ve always been big on vinyl records, so to have a store so nearby that sells them for as little as 25 cents is great. I always find a great artist that I love, I’ve even found some new ones”.

Whether you’re a huge fan of vinyl records, or are just now getting familiar, The Record Exchange of Downtown Frederick is sure to satisfy your musical needs. With such a wide variety, you can’t go wrong; You might just find your new favorite artist!