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Shopping for Homecoming Dresses Can Be Fun But Stressful Too

by Addie Robert

       For most girls, homecoming can be a very stressful time of year. Girls have to worry about hair, makeup, shoes, and most of all, their dresses.

      Sophomore Mathena Frederick said, “A dress for homecoming can be very stressful because you don’t know what you want in a dress, and the ones online are cute, but you don’t want to order it online and then have it not fit. Some are too expensive, and sometimes your parents don’t agree on what you want to wear. But I like dress shopping at the same time.”

       Camaryn Chretien, a junior, said, “It’s extremely stressful. You always want to make sure you have the cutest dress in the whole school. I try on at least 10 dresses per store I go to. Even if I love the 1first dress I try on, I don’t buy it right away. You also want to be the only person with that dress. The hardest part is probably figuring out what color dress you want to wear, then the shoes, makeup, and jewelry.”

       Sophomore Alyshia Palomo said, “It is very stressful getting a dress because you have to pick the length. Do you want a short dress or long dress? You also have to pick the type of dress. Do you want a puffy dress, tight dress, strapless? You have to pick the color and something that will look good on you. With your dress, you have to pick the right makeup and the right heels!”

       I asked some girls what they wanted their dress to look like this year.

       Sophomore Felicity Poulin said, “ I want a very detailed, sparkly blue, two piece that will cover my field hockey tanlines.”

       Melissa Mens, a sophomore, said, “Mine is dark blue, glittery, and strapless.”

       Savannah Crosson, a sophomore, said, “A tight blue two piece dress with sparkles.”

       Chretien said “My dress is black and has a lot of gems on it.”

       Hannah Harbord, a junior, said,”Mine is black gold, teal and it’s shiny.”