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Throwback Thursday Takes Students and Staff Way Back on the Time Machine

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by Pat Sichette

By far my favorite spirit day, Throwback Thursday has Walkersville High School in an uproar. Just about every student is dressed from a different era.

We have old jocks, 80’s girls, greasers, socs, pink ladies, even football players. Senior Austin Farinholt dressed up as a 1980s football player, with a half cut mesh jersey. “I wanted to throwback the football look since I am a football player” Farinholt explained. The greaser that stood out the most was Senior Luke Tharpe which along with his leather jacket, hair slick, and rolled up jeans he brought along his 1967 Camaro. “I had this sexy leather jacket on, I just had to drive the Camaro” Tharpe said.

Among the many greasers was the lonely Soc Senior Ethan High. “Everyone is always a greaser and my dad gave me these sick corduroy shorts I had to rock” High exclaimed. Along with his bright blue corduroy shorts, High is also sporting a polo with the collar popped and a sweater over his shoulders.

Among one of the numerous girls dressed in 80’s workout apparel Junior Taylor Stair was very excited for today. She had on neon pink leggings with neon green leg warmers, and a cutoff workout sweater. “I really like the neon colors, the 80s was a grand era” Stair said. While some girls took the easy way with the leggings and crop tops, Senior Mckenzie White was sporting a faded acid wash denim jacket, with black jeans, bright red lip stick and hoop earrings. “I tried to resemble my mom; the jacket I’m wearing was actually hers from when she was a teenager” White said.

The last person that caught my eye was a hippy dressed Junior Claire Owen, with a tasseled leather vest, flip flops, a headband, some puffy pants and some Ozzy Ozborne style sunglasses. “I feel free spirited” Owen expressed. All in all everyone in Walkersville High School today is walking through a time machine.