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Walkersville Pizza Hut Adding a Wingstreet to the Restaurant

by Jessica Bentley

Many Pizza Huts have a Wingstreet in them now, and soon ours here in Walkersville will as well. The Pizza Hut is currently remodeling the whole restaurant and adding a Wingstreet. From the outside, it looks like they’re doing well.

While remodeling, the dining in part of the restaurant is shut down because they’re in the process of changing the interior and adding some modern pieces like TVs and other things. That doesn’t mean you can’t get pizza from them; they still have carryout and delivery available to their customers. However, when you order carry out, you will have to go through the drive thru to pick it up.

For those of you who don’t know what wingstreet is, it is a separate part in Pizza Hut where you can get a variety of wings and other sides that aren’t on their typical menu. The menu sauce choices are garlic parm, honey BBQ, sweet chili, mild, spicy BBQ, medium, honey sriracha, and burnin’. You can get these sauce flavors in a variety of wings: traditional bone in, breaded bone out, and breaded bone in.

If you want wings and something else, try the wing meal on the Wingstreet menu. It comes with eight wings, sauce, and an order of waffle fries. Waffle fries are one of two sides available, you can also get apple pies. Then, of course, they have the traditional sauces bleu cheese and ranch.

Sophomore Catherine Oakley said, “Yes, I know they are remodeling, I don’t know what a Wingstreet is, and I have never had their wings, so I don’t know if I would like it. I don’t really care about the remodel because I never eat there.”

Junior Nicole Boley said, “I knew Pizza Hut was remodeling. I have never had their wings and didn’t know they were adding a Wingstreet in. I really don’t care about the remodel because I hardly eat there.”

Freshman Mikayla Marchesani said, “Yes, I did know they were remodeling. I love their wings but was not aware that they were adding a Wingstreet. I have looked into the window before and it looks nice, it seems like they have really upgraded.”

The sign on the door does not say when the remodel will be done, but it looks like they are getting pretty far and are close to being done.