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Walkersville Poms Squad Wins Over the Student Body with Big Smiles and Great Moves

by Anna McClatchie

         The poms squad at Walkersville High School is a dance team of twelve girls who work hard each week to put on a performance for school football and basketball games, the school pep rally, and competitions. The school always looks forward to seeing girls perform, as they always look like they are having the time of their life.

        Senior and co-captain of the team, Bria Fisher said, “We have a lot of dance experience. Almost all of our girls either love dancing at home or have been to a dance company. Another great thing is the creativity. The girls are allowed a say in what happens with the dances. The love and respect that we have for each other is a big factor in performing.”
        The team puts a lot of time and effort into perfecting the dances to make them the best they can be.

        Fisher said, “We practice Tuesday and Thursday at WMS and Saturday at the Walkersville Town Hall. It takes about a week or two for games due to teaching and perfecting. For competitions it takes about a month.”
        The team put on a fantastic show last Friday at the pep rally. The crowd went wild as the girls showed off all of their moves and hard work.

        Junior Caylee Winpigler said, “What’s not to like? They represent our school well.”

        Junior Noni Hill also enjoyed the performance and said, “Their music choices are phenomenal.”

       “Two of three captains make the routines: Rochelle Adjei and myself. We use all kinds of music, mostly EDM (electric dance music), dubstep, hip-hop, and jazz,” Fisher said.

       “We have competitions in the spring. Our biggest competition is the MAPDA Pom Pom Competition where Linganore hosts and we go against Urbana, Oakdale, Gwynn Park  and others. Last year we won 3rd In Short Pom and 1st in Hip-Hop,” Fisher added.

        Ashley Adjei, freshman, is a member of the WHS Poms team, but has done Poms her whole life. She said that she likes competitions because, “You get to see the others schools teams.”

       Assistant Principal of WHS, Jason Lininger said, “I love the girls, I think they’re great for school spirit. They do a wonderful job.”

       Fisher concluded with, “I am most proud of the respect we have for ourselves, others, our fellow students, administration, and just dance all together! Just want to give a quick shout-out to all the supporters who have been showing us love– we love you all.”