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What is Better Weather – Hot or Cold?

by Abigail Mann

       As we progress deeper into the fall months, the days of 75 and sunny are slowly fading away and with that comes mixed emotions. Some people couldn’t be happier about the colder weather, others are dreading it and preparing with layers upon layers.

       As for me, I am among those who dread it. Cold weather is worse than wet socks, every Monday morning combined, and worse than stubbing your pinkie toe a thousand times over and over. Not even the foulest of beings could fathom a torture worse than half a year of freezing temperatures.

       Among those who adore sunshine and warm breezes, like I do, are seniors Ian Kellerman and Carlos Incao. “You can go to the beach when it’s warm. You can do a lot more outdoor activities,” Kellerman states, defending his love for warm weather. Incao agrees and makes a blatant point; “I just don’t like being cold.”

       Walkersville High School was pretty divided between cold and warm. Seniors Daniel Williams and Evan Lind took the side of colder weather against Kellerman and Incao. Williams debated; “Colder weather is easier to adapt to as opposed to hot weather.” Lind brought up the issues of allergies that usually come along with warmer weather; “I have awful allergies, so I don’t have to deal with them in the winter.” Both sides proved valid points for both temperatures.

       Even administration was split, with Principal Tracey Franklin taking the side of warm weather, and Assistant Principal Jason Lininger taking the side of cold weather. “I’m a coastal girl. I do all kind of water activities from swimming to fishing. My body hates the cold. It makes me miserable,” Franklin stated. Lininger fought back with his defense for the cold; “I love fall and winter. I grew up in cold weather. I’ve been skiing since I was 9 years old.” He added, “I love campfires, and I just hate sweating in general when it’s hot outside.”

        As observed throughout the school, between all grades and administration alike, the debate between cold and warm is fairly even for both sides, although it’s blatantly and painfully obvious that warm weather is better by a milestone. Regardless of the all opinions, let’s try to stay warm as the weather gets colder, and enjoy the fall and all it has to offer.