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What Is Your Favorite Halloween Movie Ever?

by Maria Ruiz

Do you watch traditional Halloween movies? People all over Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat got very excited for October because of these movies. Disney Channel is very popular during October because of movies like Hocus Pocus, HalloweenTown, Twitches, and Twitches Too.

Senior Raequon Cartnail says, “I love watching Twitches. It’s my favorite because it’s just interesting. And, the twins are the best part of the movie.”

Freshman Maya Mazzagatti says, “No, I don’t watch those original movies, but I still do love Halloween movies.” Mazzagatti added, “My favorite Halloween movie would have to be The Nightmare Before Christmas, because I mean,who doesn’t love two holidays in one? It’s like your birthday because you get candy and presents.”

Senior Amber Orencio says, “Yes, I watch the traditional movies. My favorite would have to be Halloweentown; it’s a good movie that makes you feel like a little kid and wish that there really were things like witches and goblins.” Orencio also says, “The best part of Halloween movies is that they get you in the spirit, and that just makes Halloween so much better.”

Sophomore Haleigh Eyler says, “I love the traditional Halloween movies, I watch them every year, Hocus Pocus is my favorite. It’s just fun to watch! It’s interesting!” Eyler continues with, “The movies are what makes Halloween even better, because the movies come on all month of October and it gets you in the spirit as it leads into Halloween”

Sophomore Alyshia Palomo says, “I love watching the traditional Halloween movies. In all honesty, I like scary movies for Halloween. The best Halloween movies get you hyped up for Halloween. And yes, I do watch these movies every year and I love them.”