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WHS Art Club Works To Beautify the School

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by Anna McClatchie

        Art club is a fun after school activity, during which students can expand their artistic abilities in a fun environment with friends.

        Many people recognize Art Club’s work from the mural in the auditorium. The mural shows half of WHS’s signature lion eyes, and half of a theatrical smiley face mask. There is another identical mural on the opposite side of the auditorium, except that the mask shows a frowning face.

       Christine Stovall, ceramics and digital photography teacher, is the club advisor.

       “We bring together a lot of different students from grades nine through twelve. We are involved in school projects and local contests as well as our own individual projects. In the past we’ve invited visiting artists and done fundraisers to raise money for the club,” Stovall said about art club.

       Currently, the club is working on designing a mural for the kitchen in the cafeteria. The overall design is consisting of graffiti style words and pictures. So far the design has the WHS mascot and graffiti styled “FCPS”. Many are looking forward to this new addition to the cafeteria.

       Art club is also working on a mural for homecoming, showing the theme of “Arabian Nights”.

       Denae Hurt, a junior, explains the mural. “We’re making a mural to represent the theme of homecoming, which is Arabian nights this year, that will be hanging by Mr. Van Bloem’s room.”

      The mural shows a silhouette of a middle eastern city skyline, and will have a brightly colored background showing the sunset with brightly colored reds and purples.

       Last year, the club attempted to do a fashion show with articles of clothing and accessories made by the club members, although that plan fell through when not enough preparations were made. This year, the club wants to make that happen, although some members feel that it will never work.

       Julia O’Connel, a sophomore, is a member of art club. She said, “I love the cookies and I like all of the creative flowy ideas.”