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WHS Celebrates America Recycles Day with Creative Art Sculptures

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by Brianna Imes

You are invited to come celebrate America Recycles Day with Susan Maseth’s art classes and other Maryland schools.

In the honor of America Recycling Day,  Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)  encourages reducing waste expansion across the state. Economic benefits come from this national event.

The goals of this contest helps MDE promote and encourage waste reduction in the state of Maryland. Empowering and educating the public to reuse and recycle materials can make a difference to a healthier environment. This is a great opportunity for student artists to enhance their inventive and useful art.

The contest will be held on November 18, 2015 10a.m- 12:30pm at the Montgomery Park Auditorium Department of the Environment (MDE), Baltimore Maryland. Some food and beverages will be served as the contest is going on.   

High school students are using their creativity to interpret unique recycling art. The contest consists of one person per sculpture unless you’re working in a group. There is only one prize per entry.

Tables are provided for students. Students are able to bring their own materials to make their area stand out.

Each individual will be asked to identify themselves and materials used in their finished project.   

You don’t have to be present at the event, but you do have to bring your entry to and from the sculpture contest. So artists come on out and show your support!

Sophomore Linsey Winpigler enjoys art. She is about done with with her creation even though the deadline is next week.

“I’m creating a chicken out of chicken wire, newspapers, cardboard, CD’s, and soda cans. We have had a month to work on this project. I’m feeling good about my chicken. Each project differs from material to the actual creation itself.”

Senior Stephen Seighman is leaping big into his process of finishing his project.

“I’m making a bear head out of cardboard. I feel stressed out and it’s a lot of work. I’m going to be so surprised at my finished project.”

Sophomore Cheyenne Reese has a huge surprise of her own.

“I’m making a floating space man made out of chicken wire, bubble wrap, cardboard, and a fish bowl. I’m glad that it looks really good right now; it takes a lot of effort, but I can’t wait for the spaceman to be finished.”

Winpigler, Seighman, and Reese all have a goal for completing their artwork in time for the sculpture contest.

Let your imagination be with you. Take your recycling artwork to a destination of inspiration.