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WHS Golf Team a Tight-Knit Group With a 4 and 5 Record


by Anna McClatchie

The Walkersvillle High School golf team is more than just a successful sports team: it’s a tight-knit group of friends who are striving to improve, as well as helping their teammates improve.

Senior Rob Reilly said, “It’s a very laid back sport. It’s competitive, but not as much so you get really nervous. We also don’t have practice on Fridays — we can go to all the football games.”

Senior Allie Taylor said, “Golf is such an individual sport; you are playing against yourself and constantly trying to beat your personal best. However, with a team, it is still individual but we play together and at the end our scores come together and that is how we are scored, so it really is a team effort.

“This particular team is different than any other sport. There are only eight people on the team, so we are very close. For the district and county tournaments, five of us travel and miss a day of school to play golf. No other sport can say they get to do that. We are constantly encouraging each other in practice and even going to the course outside of practice to help each other and prepare for matches.
“I love golf, and it is a sport you can play for your whole life. You don’t have to be amazing at it to have a good time, especially with a team as great as ours.”

Coach Bruce Zimmerman said, “We have played well this season.  Our record thus far is 4 wins and 5 losses.  There are many excellent golf teams in Frederick County and we have been very competitive.  I have been pleased with our progress.
“We have are very tight knit group of golfers who help one another with their golf games.  We need to work on our chipping around the greens and our putting.  The short game is very important to becoming a good golfer.
“We have three matches remaining in the season and I hope that we will win each of those matches.  Sophomore Sam Driscoll has qualified for the state tournament and we expect him to play very well and be a great representative for WHS.”