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Don’t Rush Through Thanksgiving, and Don’t Play Christmas Music Yet

by Molly Draper

With the “Holiday Trinity” of months comes the age old question, “When should I start playing Christmas music?” Well, I’m here to tell you why it’s still TOO EARLY for Christmas music.

Halloween has come and gone and with it went the rotten Jack-o-Lanterns, scary costumes and piles of candy. We have deleted our ‘Halloween Playlist’ which most likely featured ‘This Is Halloween’ from one of the best movies of all time, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Now that this playlist is gone, you feel the need to fill the void with another playlist, which is understandable.

Sophomore Autumn Parson says, “My favorite Christmas Song is ‘All I Want For Christmas is You.’”

You think, “What’s the next holiday coming up?” Ah, Thanksgiving. The holiday where we acknowledge all the things we’re grateful for, like friends and family, and of course- the great food. But wait, there are no good Thanksgiving songs! This can’t be, this is the 21st century and you can think of one single Thanksgiving song. Panicked, you turn to the Internet.

  • “Thanksgiving Songs”

  • “Thanksgiving Playlist”

  • “Songs About Thanksgiving”

Nothing. So you turn to YouTube.
“Thanksgiving Song”
All that comes up are videos of kindergarten classes singing songs about pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. As endearing as it may be, this isn’t exactly what you would call great “pump-up” Thanksgiving jam.

In spite of there being little to no Thanksgiving songs, sophomores Maddie Ropp and Madi Etzler agree, “It’s TOO EARLY for Christmas Music!”

For once, Google and YouTube have let you down. Then you remember the holiday right around the corner- Christmas. You type a “C” into google search and what comes up?
“Christmas songs”
“2k15 Christmas Playlist”
“50 Best Christmas Songs of All Time”

Sophomore Mikaela Miller also says, “It is way too early for Christmas Music,” and her middle name is Snow. If a Christmas baby thinks it’s too early for Christmas tunes- it probably is.

So you’ve found the mother load of Christmas Music, you think, “This is it, Jackpot!” Within minutes of discovery, all of the great songs are on your phone. A playlist of 57 songs- all great and filled with the holiday cheer. You have 12 Tabs open, all playing different Christmas songs. Although you can’t make out what the lyrics are, you’re still filled to the brim with Christmas Spirit.

Then you remember poor Thanksgiving, completely ignored and shoved into the garbage bin with your rotting Jack-o-Lantern from last week. You try to explain that there just aren’t any good Thanksgiving tunes, but it’s too late, you have already been engulfed by Christmas and have broken Thanksgiving’s heart.

Sophomore Rachel Green says, “It’s never too early for Christmas music- I’m listening to Michael Bublé right now!”

So is this you? Are you already wearing your Santa hat, pulling out your Christmas lights and have Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on repeat? Well unless you want to tarnish the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d wait another couple weeks. Enjoy Fall, don’t rush to winter! Celebrate the leaves changing from red to orange to yellow.

Be thankful for your family, friends, pets, house, and so much more. Get pumped for some delicious food like turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce! Don’t rush Christmas — be thankful for Thanksgiving.