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Goosebumps Turns a Fiction Series Into a Good Film

by James Shea

The Goosebumps series was a very popular book series in the 90’s, with over 350 million copies sold. It had a popular show adaptation that was successful in its time as well; and even more recently a brand new movie adaptation was released.

The Goosebumps film was released on October 16th of this year and did relatively well in the box office, making around 70 million dollars and giving people all around the world a good spooking. It was a great film for the whole family to enjoy!

           The premise of the movie is that the monsters from each of the stories R.L. Stein wrote in the series were released into the world and had to be captured.

A popular opinion is that the film flopped, and was disappointing. Others, like Saul Montano, junior, stated, “I thought it was actually kind of scary at some points, and was pretty good. Definitely not what people have been saying.” Montano went on, “In all fairness though, I don’t really know how much I liked it, because for all I know, I could’ve easily just been blinded by the nostalgia and I just think that it’s good because it brings me back to my childhood.”

Responses like this became very popular among the students at Walkersville, unlike the online reports. Students said very good things. Sophomore Mckenzie Nugent said, “I thought it was good. It portrayed the books well.”

Some people weren’t the biggest fans of the film though, Contrary to Montano and Nugent’s opinions. Sophomore Skyler Barden said, “It was corny, but it was also scary. I liked it.”

The movie did the books justice to a certain extent. It covered how monsters were captured and tried to keep the eerie feeling of Goosebumps alive. The monsters were spooky and I personally was not disappointed.