features - halo 5
Halo 5 Release Excites Game Players

by Allen Love   

  Ever since 2001, Halo: Combat Evolved, a military science-fiction first-person shooter game has come a long way from the cheesy graphics and the hard to follow plot of the original game. On October 27 2015, Halo 5 was released, exciting all of the previous Halo players from the 2012 Halo 4.

  Different from Halo 4, Halo 5 has a terrible and confusing plot in which most players will struggle to understand unless you are a true Halo fan, in which you have read and watched everything.  However, one of the newer features in this game that no other Halo game (excluding Halo 3 ODST) is the switching of two main characters. While the great Master Chief goes rogue with his fireteam of four, multiple players (up to three, plus the host) will be able to take over or even just let them be controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence) or even become the group that is trying to arrest Master Chief and his fireteam.

 Freshman Brandon Kyle said, “It sucks compared to Halo Reach, and the textures are not as good as the previous Halo 4.”

  In this new adventure of Halo 5, there will not be a moment to think, except during long cutscenes that people will not be able to skip like they usually do. The game also introduces something similar to Titanfall in the new PvP(Player vs Player) mode Warzone. Warzone is a 24 player match in which both friendly and hostile AI drop in, making the game tougher to complete the objective at hand, as well as adding the only hostile covenant and forerunners to make this game a one second reaction type of mode. They are also adding Arena mode where pure skill that only people have completely mastered the analog stick and bumpers will be able to survive such a harsh gamemode.

  Freshman Christopher Smith said, “I think they played Halo 4 very carefully and took very little risks, while Halo 5 is a very risky game to the Halo Series. However, I feel like the risks are necessary to truly move on in the Halo series.”

  Although they are adding two new types of game modes, they are taking out several other types of modes in which you could have caused massive rage and destruction. One mode which they have taken out is Grifball. Grifball is a mode where you have your favorite gravity hammer and energy sword, and try your best towards scoring a ball into the other team’s goal. However, that is only one out of the many things that the creators of game have taken out.

Freshman Jarrod McWilliams said, “I like the new mechanics, but not the new textures.”

Despite all of the new features, sons of the only redeeming qualities that have come with the game are the plot and the warzone. The gameplay of the campaign is very intense and full of cutscenes, leading to an amazing experience with the whole dynamic of Halo. Overall, the game has its flaws and its strengths which the creators will hopefully fix so that the previous players of this series will come back wanting more.