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Is Starbucks’ New Coffee Cup a “War On Christmas?” Of Course Not!

by Caroline Wisner

I’m used to people ranting about how evil Starbucks is, but this week some fanatics have taken it a little too far. This week Starbucks rolled out the much anticipated holiday season cups. In past years the cups have been adorned with polar bears, ornaments, snowmen, among many other adorable animals and characters. This year however, the coffee company went in a different direction.

The cups are a simple red color with no sketches of animals, trees, or ornaments. Most people looked at the cup design and moved on with their day. Like sophomore Kaili Alexander who said, “I think they’re nice cups either way, so I don’t really care.” Some religious fanatics took it upon themselves to accuse Starbucks of taking part in the evil “War on Christmas”.

The “War on Christmas”  is something, in my opinion, pulled out of thin air. Whenever anyone attempts to be more inclusive of other religions during the holiday season (For example by saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas) they’re apparently discriminating and oppressing Christians.

The accusers apparently don’t remember that there is an extremely fair number of Christians in America, and many of them are in powerful positions. Now compare that number to the amount of Muslims in power in America. How could these religions even have the capability to force millions of people to not celebrate their religious holidays?

You want to talk about real wars on religious groups? How about the fact that Muslim women used to be forced to take off their niqab to take the oath of citizenship in Canada? What about the ACTUAL war on Jewish citizens in Europe during the 1930’s?. How could you even compare not being able to have a Christmas tree on your coffee cup to their struggles?

Junior Taylor Mercer is one of the people who doesn’t care about Starbucks’ “bold” decision. Mercer said, “I don’t really care about the design, because it’s just a cup; all that matters to me is the coffee inside.” Sophomore Halle Wilson agreed, “It’s just a red cup; it’s not that big of a deal to me.”

I want every person who actually takes the time out of their day to rant on social media about the fictional war on Christmas to take a step back. Please think about the privilege you experience everyday, just because you are a Christian. You don’t understand real religious oppression, and you need to remember that, please.