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Linganore High School Cheerleading Squad Wins Frederick County Cheer Competition

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by Maria Ruiz

The Frederick County Cheer competition was held on November 2nd 2015 at Tuscarora High School.

For the Varsity division, the Oakdale Bears took third place, Tuscarora Titans came in at second place, and the Linganore Lancers placed first  and advanced to states.

Linganore Lancers head coach Jan Ingrim says, “It feels absolutely awesome to win, we worked so hard for this.”

Ingrim added, “No, I did not expect to win. We take every competition slowly and work as hard as we can to be at the top but we know that there are other great teams”.

Lancers Cheer captain Christina Smith says, “My teammates and I are in tears that we won the championship, and I’m so proud that our JV team won first place in the JV division.”

Smith added, “ We really pulled through, the whole team had trouble getting along at practice but we knew that we absolutely needed each other for this and it got us to the top so far, but this is only the beginning”

Smith continued to say, “It will be a trip for practice before states, but we’re ready to bring it all to the floor and pour our hearts into it”.

Tuscarora Varsity cheerleader Haley Fryer says, “Even though we didn’t get first place we are so happy that we got second place, as always we put everything we had out on that floor, I’m proud to say that I’m a Tuscarora Varsity Cheerleader, every cheer squad goes through their ups and downs but in the end they work together and fight which is a great thing”.

For competition judges are looking for elite stunts, tumbling, synchronization, sharpness, and good facial expressions. Pretty much every cheerleader has said that facials are an actual big factor because you’re giving the judges a good laugh and show that you’re fighting and confident in what you’re doing.

Smith said, “Oh facials are a must no doubt about that, you may think you look stupid but trust me when the crowd and judges see it they know that you got it and you are fierce, it shows that you’re confidence”.

Working together and as hard as they possibly could Linganore in first place finishing the championship with a score of 125.7 is proudly going to states.

Walkersville’s cheer squad could not compete due to injuries.