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No Shave November Raising Awareness for Men’s Health Issues

by Alexis Cavell

Time to set those razors aside and let things get wild. Welcome back beards! I moustache you a question. Have you ever heard about Movember?

     The goal of Movember (also known as no shave November) is to raise awareness on men’s health issues by the embracing of hair. Cancer patients unfortunately lose hair when they go through chemotherapy. Save the money that you typically spend on razors and shaving cream and donate it to save lives.

     Movember originated in Australia in the year 2004. A group of thirty men organized an event and grew moustaches for thirty days to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men. In 2004, the fundraiser raised $40,000. Last year, they managed to raise $126.3 million! (videtteonline.com). Participate this year and donate to a great cause, help raise even more money!

    Math teacher Mark Widmeyer participated in the event last November. “I don’t think I’m going to this year. There are people’s opinions I care about too much…” Widmeyer explained. “Having a big beard is more maintenance. In the shower it gets all soggy.”

     Fellow math teacher Chris Boothe said, “I don’t care about no shave November.” I asked him if he knew what no shave November was all about, and in response he said no. I then explained that the reasoning for this month is to raise awareness on men’s health issues such as cancer and depression. “It makes me feel better about it; you don’t hear about that part.” Boothe said, “I think people are cheating; people should shave on October 31st so they don’t get a head start.” Boothe is not participating in no shave November, but he does have a beard that he doesn’t plan on shaving until Thanksgiving on account of his family. “I haven’t shaved in about a month and a half. In general I don’t feel like shaving.”

     Freshman Ashley Adjei did not know what no shave November was, so I explained it. “That’s disgusting! It’s for animals!” Freshman Bary Fleming was in agreement with her. “That’s disgusting, it’s not necessary. How does that raise awareness?”

      Men have the excuse to grow a beard and embrace their manliness. Participate in the month long event!