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What Thanksgiving Means to Walkersville High Students

by Rebecca Raub

According to Macmillandictionary.com, Thanksgiving Day is, “…in the U.S., the fourth Thursday in November… when families have a special meal, traditionally to celebrate all of the things they are thankful for.” People interpret this in many different ways, but overall, many people just want to spend time with their families, and be thankful together for each other on this fall holiday.

Many adults think that high schoolers see Thanksgiving only as a day where they can eat delicious food and get a week off of school, without appreciating the true meaning of getting together with family and appreciating everything you have. While this definitely is a plus, that is not all that WHS students care about. After I interviewed some Walkersville High School students, I found that although some students are very upfront in their willingness to admit that turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes are what makes Thanksgiving…Thanksgiving. A lot of students had very sweet personal stories and ideas to share.

Sophomore Felicity Poulin admitted, “While Thanksgiving means turkey, it also really is about spending time with family.”

According to sophomore Charlie Greene, Thanksgiving is about “food, football and family.”

Sophomore Meaghan Andrews says, “Thanksgiving is a day where you should be thankful for all that you have.”

Freshman Lexi Daniluck agrees that Thanksgiving is really all about family.

Sophomore Savannah Crosson said, “Thanksgiving is a time meant for the celebration of what you are blessed with, and spending time with your family.”

Many students have been learning to appreciate Thanksgiving more and more each year.

As Thanksgiving draws near, we all should appreciate what we have, especially the friends and family, and the people we cherish, which doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the amazing food. Remember what this holiday is about, while enjoying yourself and having a wonderful time. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, make this year a great one!