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Xbox One Is the Favorite Game Console of Walkersville Students

by Alexis Cavell

Gaming is widely popular at Walkersville High School. I surveyed a number of 100 students to determine the most popular game console amongst the school.

     The choices included Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii, and WiiU. Xbox 360 is the most popular game system of the choices.

     Thirty-two out of the one hundred students surveyed said Xbox 360 is their favorite game system. PlayStation 4 placed second with twenty-eight students. Xbox One came in third with fifteen students. Nine students said Wii is their favorite game system. PlayStation 3 came in sixth with eight students followed by the WiiU which is a favorite of only one student.

     Junior JT Andrews said, “PS4 absolutely blows and Xbox 360 is the man.”

     Junior Richard Putman said, “ PlayStation in general is my favorite because I grew up with it. My brother, sister and I always played PlayStation. The Elder Scrolls is my favorite PS3 game.”

     Senior Josh Campbell said, “The library of PS4 is superior in my opinion and the system specs are superior to the Xbox One.”

     “PlayStation has alway had games from my favorite company Square Enix,” reasoned Freshman Peter Riley Gillard.

     Sophomore Jameah Elliott said, “I just like any new game system that comes out.”

     As I was surveying students, several said that PC is their favorite way to play games, but that was not an option.

     Senior Jeremy Parker enjoys playing games on a PC. “ You don’t have to keep buying a new console every few years, you just have to upgrade your PC.”

     Game consoles are constantly improving and bringing change to the gaming world. They bring lots of fun and memories to all that use them.