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Are the Ugliest Christmas Sweaters Hand-Made or Store-Bought?

by Jessica Bentley

You see everyone wearing sweaters this time of the year, and most describe their sweaters as “ugly”. But what actually qualifies as an ugly sweater?

Sophomore Skylar Boyer thinks, “ An ugly christmas sweater is too busy. If there are things hanging off of it I would probably puke.” Boyer continued saying, “Out of handmade and store bought the uglier is handmade. They are a hideous kind of ugly. I personally like the store bought ones. They are a cute ugly.”

There are so many opinions on what qualifies as an “ugly” sweater, it all depends on who you ask. In my opinion, for it to be ugly it has to have tinsel or something coming off of it. If it has a cheesy saying or something on it then it counts.

People who just have a plain Christmas colored sweater with a design on it it can not be called ugly.

Sophomore Jessica Anderson says, “The sweater just needs to have a Christmas design. By that I mean like something fun with Christmas colors. Something you can pick out and know it is meant to be a Christmas sweater.”  Freshman Kobe Duncan says, “It all depends on personal preference. The whole thing is opinion based.”

There are so many ways to get a Christmas sweater. You can buy them or make them. The most authentic in my opinion is the handmade ones. When you have a handmade one, it has its own flare and ugly factor to it. They might be ridiculous looking, but you would be sure to win a contest with them.

The store bought ones sometimes are really ugly. Other times they say ugly but just do not look ugly. Most store bought ones do not live up to handmade though.

Freshman Taylor Bowie thinks, “They look like something a grandma would wear.”