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Boys Basketball Excited About a New Season, Despite First Game Loss

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by Wolfgang Sonne

On Tuesday December 15th, the 2015 Walkersville Lions Boys Varsity basketball team began their season with a home game against the Linganore Lancers. While they lost to perhaps the best team in Frederick County by a large number, they are still optimistic about their season.

The Lions look to improve this year, building off of their sub .500 record from the 2014 season. This year’s team is confident in their talent along with the coaching staff as an all around competitive team. The last few years boys basketball has struggled; it is believed that this year will be a come back. With the football team going to state championships, both junior varsity and varsity have had late starts with full team practices. Now that varsity has all the players, they are preparing for Tuesday night.

Junior Alois Cea said, “I feel like we’re gonna eat this year like it’s a Thursday night at Buffalo Wild Wings.”

Senior Chris Copen said, “ I think that if we all come together as a team, we’re gonna be really good and we’re gonna be hard to beat. I think we have a good chance of winning the CMC conference,”  Copen continued on about beginning his final year of highschool basketball, “I’ve worked all four years for this; this year I’ll actually get some playing time.”

Junior Moroni Okonah said, “We should do really well this year. Our team is full of offensive threats and we have a really deep bench. As long as we continue to work hard we’ll go far.”

Senior Keanu Rosa said, “Honestly I can’t wait to start playing games; now that we finally have our full basketball team back due playing football and varsity making states, we’re ready more than ever. I honestly think we’ll be the best team in the county, we have twelve guys who can get their job done on each end of the floor. I’m just excited and hype for our first game; we’re about to eat.”