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Cheerleaders Decorate the Football Players’ Houses to Show Support

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by Maria Ruiz

The day before the states championship the cheerleaders came together after school to surprise the boys with decorations on their houses. The football players had no idea and neither did the parents!

Varsity Cheer coach Tena Pennington says, “Decorating the football players houses was to show each player they are important to the team and to show school spirit.”

Pennington added, “The best part of it all is that it was fun coming together as a team to make the posters and then the team effort to go together to decorate! We were thankful for all of the cooperation and parent support we had”.

People do not really notice how much the cheerleaders do for the school. The big banners that get hung up in the school are made by the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders love what they do, and they are very proud of the boys for making it this far.

Varsity cheerleader Alivia Fogle says, “Even though we don’t get the recognition I think we deserve we still do what we do with pride and we love what we do.”

Fogle added, “Decorating the boys houses was great; we all wanted to something special for the boys so they know how great they all really are.”

The whole purpose for the cheerleaders to decorate the boys houses was so they could make them feel great about themselves and to let them know that they can win the state championship, and they absolutely believe in them 100%.

Varsity Cheer coach Brooke Shadle says, “I’m more than proud of the boys and my girls; the cheerleaders have poured their hearts out into cheer and supporting the boys. All the parents were very surprised and so happy to see that we decorated their houses. For the girls I think that it got them even more excited about the game and supporting our boys.”

Shadle added, “The parents loved it and I know the boys will too”.

Varsity cheerleader Emilie Ralph says, “Us cheerleaders have so much fun making all the posters we make. We all feel that it brings more excitement to the boys and for the game in general. It definitely gets us pumped for the game.”

Michael Poore, Darick Poore’s dad says, “I think it’s absolutely great that the cheerleaders are doing this. The whole community is so supportive and so are our cheerleaders and everyone should be thankful that we have the cheerleaders that we do because they’re amazing”

Hoping to make everyone more excited especially the football players the cheerleaders finished the night off hitting all football players houses with a great turnout and heading home proud of what they did.