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Do We Save the Wrapping Paper or Rip It to Shreds and Let the Dog Eat It?

by Michael Tauriello

Christmas week is finally upon us! Some people look forward to getting together with their family, enjoying a hearty meal, and sharing lots of laughs.

But then there’s almost everyone’s favorite part about Christmas: The Gifts.

You see plenty of these in your living room by your tree on the morning of Christmas Day, and you can’t help but just smile when you see it all lying there.

The gifts are carefully wrapped up. You pick up a present, but what do you do? Tear it open, not caring at all? Or do you go for the passive approach of finding the tape around the present and try and open it as carefully as humanly possible, just to save some paper or ribbon?

WHS Junior Dylan Mudd prefers the aggressive approach, saying, “I just go full force and rip that worthless paper to shreds.” Mudd laughed, continuing, “Who cares about the trash? Let the dog eat it.”

However, some people go for the more gentle approach, like WHS Junior Ethan Welty. Welty stated, “I usually unwrap the ribbon if there is one. Then I usually try and unfold the paper as opposed to tearing it straight up.”

Some, like WHS Sophomore Isaac Cheston prefer a mix between the two. Cheston believes that being gentle at first is key, “You should take off the bow and slide the ribbon off first.” But after that, Cheston believes that you should, “Tear open the wrapping paper as fast as you can afterwards.”

In my personal opinion, I believe that you should be gentle with the wrapping paper, since it could be used in the future. No one is perfect with this, though; wrapping paper tears open quite easily, and you can almost never get through an opening without a stray tear, which could sometimes defeat the purpose of saving supplies. I like the passive approach, since it could be environmentally friendly.

The aggressive style is quite arguable, though, since it makes Christmas gift openings go a lot faster and it could make it a bit more amusing to tear up the wrapping paper quickly. Keep in mind that it could be a bit more to clean up, though.

But, no matter what, aggressive or passive opening style, each makes the Christmas holiday enjoyable in some way.

Have a joyful holiday!