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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Lights for Holiday House Decorations?

by Ashley Terry

With Christmas quickly approaching, many residents of Walkersville are decorating their houses to get in the spirit. Many residents have went to extreme measures with their Christmas decorations. Decorating your house does not normally turn into Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas when Martha May and Betty Lou Who are competing with their Christmas lights and Betty uses all of her lights from inside her house for her big project. There are three types of decorators during Christmas.

The best is the over achiever; they are the ones that are willing to blow some fuses, blackout the whole neighborhood and have an electric bill that is sky high. The overachiever is not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. They do not use the regular standard lights, they use the eye blinding LED lights. They also use a lot of yard decorations too. You will occasionally find statues and blow up decorations too. I’m talking reindeer, baby Jesus, candy canes, snow globes, etc.

The next type is the go getter; they are the ones who are not as good as the over achiever but are close to it. They go all out with their lights, but they are not as bright as the LED lights, but it’s still blinding. They may have a few statutes of baby Jesus and candy canes but not as many as the over achiever.

The final type is the worst type, the Scrooge. They will put a few strands of lights up and have an empty, tasteless yard. They aren’t as involved as the go getter and the over achiever but they try, or at least I think they do. Some Scrooge’s don’t even have any lights or decorations which is very annoying for many residents in a development. I mean, how can every single house but the neighborhood Scrooge have their lights up? It is honestly so frustrating when you are just going on a walk in your development and you see everyone’s lights up and you find the neighborhood Scrooge’s house with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I know it seems ridiculous but it is an outrage.

On another note, I’ve always wondered how many Christmas lights is too many. How many strands of lights do you buy? Do you buy a back up inflatable Frosty or Rudolph? Do you get a generator for blackouts? Is there a proper way to mentally prepare yourself for the most wonderful time of the year? How many lights do you buy?

“There is no limit.”, said Juniors Denae Hurt, Emma Crouch and Emilie Ralph.

“When your house is on fire,” said Sophomore Ian Marron.

“There are never too many lights.”, said Freshman Megan Doster.

It was pretty easy to identify which category they fell into.  Christmas lights and decorations are what makes Christmas so exciting! There is always something new and you can see who has a certain tradition every year and who does something different. Have a great holiday!