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Many WHS Students Open Their Presents On Christmas Morning

by Addie Robert

Gifts: something every kid looks forward to on Christmas or Christmas Eve. It’s a long held tradition to exchange presents, whether it may be with friends, family, classmates, or even teachers. However, every family has their own unique way of doing things on Christmas Day. Walkersville students share their holiday traditions with exchanging gifts.

Sophomore Jason Carlson said, “Most of the time I open them on Christmas Day, but some of the time I will get them and open them up early, especially when I am in need of things. I also go to my grandparents before and after Christmas Day, so again I get some early but when I’m with family on Christmas Day I open my presents from them and ‘Santa.’”
Kylie McClung, a freshman said, “My family and I always open presents on Christmas Day. It is such a special moment for all of us, waking up at the crack of dawn and meeting in my parents room before we go downstairs. I think that’s part of what makes Christmas special, being eager to wake up and just be with family and see their joyful faces when they open gifts.”

Sophomore Mackenzie Wright said “I open my presents Christmas Day.  I have a really big family so my Christmas is spread around. When we open presents, we normally go around the circle; each person opens one present at a time until all the present are opened instead of one person opening theirs all at once. As much as I like opening my presents, I love watching people open the stuff I give them.”

Wright continued, “Last year I got my sister a book collection and doll and outfit that she had really wanted so the whole time I was waiting for her to open it I was excited for her because I knew the look on her face was going to be priceless. And sure enough when she opened it she lit up like a Christmas tree, haha, pun intended. I think that Christmas in my family is mostly about being together with everyone and giving and catching up. There’s a lot of us so when we all get to see each other it’s really nice.”