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The Classic and Clean Look of White Lights Is the Best Way to Celebrate the Holidays

by Alexis Cavell

  My family and I have always decorated our house with white Christmas lights. Colorful lights are beautiful as well, but nothing beats the clean classic white lights.

 My mom and dad choose to decorate the house with white lights because it is bright and gives off the look of snow and ice. It’s magical and elegant. My mom said it’s more fancy and gives off a rich taste.

 I have never seen our house decorated in anything other than white lights. We have a few blow up decorations that add a pop of color. I like white lights better because I’ve been influenced by my mom’s opinion. My dad on the other hand wants to try out colorful lights within the next couple of years because it’s more exciting for the holidays.

 I asked students and staff what Christmas lights they prefer.

 Sophomore Charlie Greene said, “Color because white is boring.”

 Instructional assistant Mary Ouimette likes both colored and non colored lights. “I like colored lights best. Colored is more fun. White is more sophisticated.”

 Freshman Erin Kopit said, “I think colored lights because they are more exciting.”

 Freshman Johnny Berkey said, “Color because they look better on a house.”

More students prefer colorful lights over white Christmas lights.

 Junior Tyler Rood said, “White, they just look nice.”

 Multicolor lights clash and do not always look right on every house color. White lights create a more unified look. It is much more pleasing to the decorator’s eye. You can never go wrong with the white Christmas lights.

 The white lights are simple and aren’t too much. They are classy. It’s possible that I could change my mind if I saw my house decorated in colored lights for once. But as for now, the classic look is my favorite.