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Tis the Season to Wear Your Ugly Sweater

by Allen Love

Tis the season to wear ugly sweaters all month long. Although you love to wear your cargo shorts, skirts, short-sleeve shirts, and t-shirts, now is the time to put on your long sleeved clothing and get warm. What better way to honor the holiday spirit with clothing than the traditional ugly sweater?

Sophomore Tori Piechowski said, “I think they are great but it is very difficult to find them for the right price. They are very comfortable as well as ugly.”

Science aide Mitzi Smith said, “I think the tradition of the ugly sweater has grown from wearing pretty sweaters to wearing these ugly sweaters, so that way we can get into those ugly sweater parties.”

Although we used to laugh at the thought of wearing one of these hideous looking sweaters during the Christmas Season, it is becoming a growing trend to buy an ugly sweater to go to a ugly sweater party or for other reasons as well as warmth and comfort. Another reason that people might wear a Christmas sweater is because maybe a loved one or a friend made that sweater for you.

Junior Joey Moss said, “I think they are hardcore the best thing ever. Even if they are not growing they should still grow to the point where it is illegal to not wear ugly sweaters.”

Although the official trend of the holiday sweaters may be unknown of when it was made, booming up it is currently a medium size trend within our society, but thanks to all the people that create these amazing sweaters we are able to have these small events and tokens that increase our joy and jolly season experience. Although many people may find the Christmas sweater as the traditional clothing for Christmas, other people might not be as fast as to come to that decision.

I think that these sweaters are truly funny and hystrical to see people wear proudly around, but they can be a tad bit pricey, I feel like they are worth every penny, dime, and nickel of which the sweater may cost. It truly is a Christmas spirit related clothing that one could never get tired of.